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Our core aim is to promote personal safety education using our four core principles; Awareness, Avoidance, Dialogue and Action. These principles underpin all our workshops and aim to instil positive mindsets within school communities and the wider local community.

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Diane Briere de l'Isle Engelhardt


"I have always loved children; their innocence, their hopes, their energy, the promise of a bright future shining in their eyes.

As a mother, whilst my 4 children were growing up, I became aware of a deep malaise in today’s youth. I saw kids walking down the street, their heads bent over their phones, isolated by their earphones, unaware of their surroundings and/or potential dangers.

I saw a culture that tells teenagers it's impossible to have fun without the support and boost of alcohol and other substances that are so readily available and dangerous. 

I saw children trying to conform to an idealistic, unrealistic model, warped by the filters of social media, their self-confidence at risk with every new post.

From these realisations came the conviction that young people needed special tools to face this world, giving them a chance to grow up safe, happy and confident.

I looked for a place to give my kids these tools. It did not exist.

So we created RESOLVEit, the combined principles of AWARENESS, AVOIDANCE, DIALOGUE and ACTION, giving young people the awareness they need to be respected and be respectful of others and their environment. 


RESOLVEit teaches the avoidance skills needed to stay safe, communication skills which will be valuable throughout their lives and, as a last resort, the physical skills to defend themselves without harming others.

But above all, what I wanted to give kids was the confidence and the freedom to be themselves."

- Diane Briere de l'Isle Engelhardt

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Since 2013 we have delivered personal safety workshops to over 100,000 people

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