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The RESOLVEit Children’s Defender programme is focused on improving the lives of children by addressing all matters of personal safety to build a launchpad from which children can feel safer and more confident.

We have drawn on our extensive teaching experience and world-leading self-defence expertise to create a unique online personal safety workshop. 


Eight effective and memorable self-defence techniques are taught alongside RESOLVEit’s personal safety booklet, interactive games and quizzes that will help to reinforce the importance of personal safety awareness.


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You will cover:

  • To learn about 8 key words such as; RESPECT, EMPATHY and VIRTUE…

  • Learn how to detect and avoid danger by improving self-awareness and decision-making skills through 8 decision making questions.


Personal Safety & Self-Defence:

  • Personal space 

  • The shield

  • Wrist grabs

  • Clothes grab

  • Shin kick

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The Children’s Defender offers a package of self-defence videos + guide, quizzes, learning materials, and downloadable lesson plans and a workbook that can be used by teachers or school staff.

Please review the following User Agreement carefully before using the 14 DAY FREE TRIAL. 

 If you engage in teaching any of the self-defence techniques without undertaking our free training workshop, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself and others, and agree to release and discharge RESOLVEit from any and all claims or causes of action.


If you wish to become a Trainer and a RESOLVEit safety school click here to find out more!


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