What is a RESOLVEit Safety School (#Weareasafetyschool)?

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A RESOLVEit Safety School is one where young people learn about personal safety and self-defence. This kind of personal safety education not only teaches young people to be more aware of their surroundings and the consequences of actions, but also helps them to feel more empowered and strengthens their self-esteem.

In addition to learning about personal safety and self-defence, young people in a RESOLVEit Safety School will learn about our key values: respect, empathy, sincerity, originality, loyalty, virtue, empowerment and determination.

These values all have a positive impact on young people as individuals. Their wellbeing is boosted and they feel empowered with the knowledge to make informed decisions about the safety, health and wellbeing of both themselves and others around them.

This sense of self-confidence and knowledge lends itself to a stronger school community ethos; young people are more respectful to themselves and others whilst extending these morals into the communities outside that of the school.

The WE ARE A SAFETY SCHOOL programme aims to inspire, guide, support and recognise the achievements of a school or educational establishment that positively promote personal safety awareness.

What is involved?

Staff at a RESOLVEit Safety School are provided with bespoke ‘Train a Trainer’ training and support to help them achieve the RESOLVEit Safety School standard whilst expanding their CPD.  

What is ‘Train a Trainer’?

The TRAIN A TRAINER workshop is an online resource where teachers, coaches or instructors within your educational settings complete an online training session (1-2 hours) with a test at the end.

By the end of the workshop, delegates will be able to:

  • List the RESOLVEit principles.

  • Understand their role, responsibilities and any relevant safety information when delivering RESOLVEit workshops.

  • Confidently deliver any of the RESOLVEit flagship workshops: Superhero Academy, Children’s Defender, Safety In Your Hands and The Big Night Out.

  • Complete an online quiz - 100% pass mark must be obtained through answering 10 multiple choice questions.

  • Submit a practical assessment. This is usually submitted through a video which demonstrates that all self-defence techniques learned during the online session can be correctly performed, demonstrated and taught.

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Benefits of being a RESOLVEit Safety School

  • Students at a RESOLVEit Safety School benefit from an improved sense of well-being that they can take with them into their wider communities.

  • Young people at a RESOLVEit Safety School feel happier, safer, more confident and ready to learn.

  • Your school can be a part of the solution to keeping young people healthy and safe whilst improving your local communities.

  • Certified Train a Trainer Instructors are granted a non-exclusive license to utilise the RESOLVEit #weareasafetyschool name and logo in their school or centre. Safety Schools will also be sent a printable certificate to display.

  • You will be listed in the online, searchable directory on the RESOLVEit #weareasafetyschool website, Listing is free.

  • Your achievement will be announced on the official RESOLVEit social media pages, via a post customised with your school photo, which you can share and use.

  • You will have 12 months access to the TRAIN A TRAINER workshop on Tuborial, complete with the essential resources, video tutorials, workshops, personal safety assemblies, and suggested lesson plans, to help you make the most of your award.


Train a Trainer workshops will take place on Zoom.


Zoom is a free video-conferencing application. It allows you to join any video-conferences without installing any applications, from your internet browser (Firefox, Yahoo, Chrome, Edge, etc).


However, for a more comfortable experience, we recommend that you install their client prior to your training.


For more information on RESOLVEit’s zoom policy click here.

For further information about our workshops, email us at info@resolveitcic.co.uk