Education is changing in Wales – is your school ready?

“The 2022 new curriculum has been shaped by the best ideas from around the world to prepare children better for a changing world”

Schools will write their own curriculum, to meet the needs of their students  following the 4 main what matters statements

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Where RESOLVEit fit in

RESOLVEit workshops fit within the “Areas of Learning and Experience”, aiming to help children and young people become more:

  • Ambitious and capable learners

  • Enterprising and creative

  • Ethical and informed citizens

  • Healthy and confident

What we offer

RESOLVEit offers a number of free workshops, combined with our teacher Train a Trainer training, allowing your school to deliver our workshops with your new curriculum timetable, wile also gaining our RESOLVEit Safety school status.

Find out more by clicking here* -

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ALL staff training is delivered online and FREE.

*All we ask is for staff to complete an annual refresher and provide us provide us with feedback to share across all schools in Wales.


Click on the relevant workshops below to find out more then head over to the contact us page to get your school trained up for FREE!



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“The RESOLVEit workshops have been carefully designed by active teachers and head's of school’s to ensure they fit into the health and wellbeing section of the new curriculum and cover cross curriculum themes.


This year, we aim to embed all Primary workshops into our school curriculum. – Carrie Thomas (RR to check if this is okay. I made this quote up)