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What is Children’s University?

Now that we are part of the growing Children’s University network, it’s important you know a bit about who they are.


"Children’s University is a national charity that encourages and rewards children’s participation in learning activities beyond the classroom. Children collect stamps in a passport for each activity they take part in. These activities can include after-school clubs, those organised in public museums, libraries, and also new and exciting activities in outdoor environments. Children can search for activities like yours online here."

Our activity is now part of Children’s University!

What happens if a child has a Children’s University Passport?

Children participating in our activity may have a Children’s University Passport to Learning (these look just like real passports).

If they present you with a passport for stamping, you will need to give them the stamp.


A Children’s University stamp is a mark made in a passport to verify that a child has completed an activity. Now that your activity has been validated you have a unique stamp code that needs to be written in the passport – this is so that children can later add this code to Children’s University Online, the digital platform that works alongside the passport. For an online activity like yours, the child can write the codes into the passport themselves or enter it onto their online profile themselves.


A stamp code is a very brief secret code that is unique to every activity that children can do. When a child enters this code online then it will record what they have done and tell them more information about the activity, such as the skills they’ve used and the category that the activity falls under. These codes are short and easy to write into a passport, made up of just a colour and a 4 digit number.

Your activity has been validated and your stamp codes are


Safety in your hands – red5129

Children’s Defender- blue0890

For more information, email us at enquiries@resolveitcic.co.uk


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