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Become a RESOLVEit Ambassador

We create trusted partnerships to promote personal safety awareness

What is a RESOLVEit Ambassador?

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A RESOLVEit Ambassador is someone who is passionate about personal safety and who honestly believes in our mission statement: Everyone has the right to feel safe.

We have developed the Ambassador Initiative to empower individuals and start-up businesses to grow through using our ready-made online workshops.

We want to bring together like minded people who are committed to empowering people through raising their personal safety awareness and their physical self-defence skills. Our vision is to build RESOLVEit communities around the world.


Your part, as an Ambassador, is to do this in your city, town or local area.

Every participating PRU receives Safety School status, access to RESOLVEit online resources and full support from the RESOLVEit HQ team.

What does a RESOLVEit Ambassador actually do?

Once trained and enrolled in the approved workshop(s), you will receive your log-in details to access our online workshops and any supporting resources. Supported by online tutorials and videos, you will be able to deliver personal safety assemblies or other safety events using our resources.

Do I need any qualifications to become a RESOLVEit ambassador?

In order to deliver our workshops, you must either hold a self-defence qualification, be part of the NFPS family and / or be ready to do TAT (Train a Trainer) with the RESOLVEit team.

You must have a current, clear DBS check and any necessary insurance.

How much does it cost to be an Ambassador?

That depends how many workshops you want to purchase. All of our workshops are affordable and effective. Ambassadors receive a huge 50% off any workshops in their first year of joining and 20% off every subsequent year.

Every Ambassador is entered into an annual raffle; the prize is 12 months free access to all RESOLVEit workshops (worth around £450).

We have an e-induction and several personal safety assembly resources available for free on our website for anybody to use. Take a look here.

What training and support does an Ambassador get?

Every Ambassador who wishes to deliver our workshops and purchases at least one workshop per year, receives a free annual TAT (Train a Trainer) session which includes an assessment and full feedback.

As an Ambassador, you also have the full support of the RESOLVEit HQ team and you will be actively encouraged to let us know how your workshops are going as well as sharing updates on social media accounts.

What are the benefits of being a RESOLVEit Ambassador?

  • You will play an important role in inspiring people in your community to be the best they can be through feeling empowered and equipped with personal safety knowledge.

  • Your location / name / contact details will feature on the Ambassador’s page on the RESOLVEit website.

  • Any enquiries we receive from schools or groups / clubs local to you will be passed on to you.

Do Ambassadors charge people to attend RESOLVEit workshops?

  • RESOLVEit is a not-for-profit company. However, as with everything, there will be costs so yes, you can charge people to attend workshops but it must be a reasonable amount.

  • We will create a free discount code for your students so they can access content on our online platform for 12 months from the start date of their course.

How do I sign up to become a RESOLVEit Ambassador?

  • Get in touch with the team on enquiries@resolveitcic.co.uk to let us know you would like to become an Ambassador.

  • Talk to your assigned RESOLVEit team member who will ask you to send certain documents (DBS copy, insurance certificate and a copy of your self-defence qualification if you have one). They will also book you in for your TAT session.

  • Sign the Ambassador’s agreement.

  • Purchase your chosen workshops.

  • Complete your TAT, including the assessment and then you are good to go!


If you would like to apply for the Ambassador Initiative, please drop us an email at: enquiries@resolveitcic.co.uk