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What is the role of a BRAND Ambassador?

Over the past year, we have received several emails from our customers (you) asking whether there is a way they can represent RESOLVEit in their communities. So we created the RESOLVEit Brand Ambassador Initiative.

If you would like to apply to become a Brand Ambassador, please read on...

Q: What is the mission/vision behind the Brand Ambassador Initiative?

Our vision is to build RESOLVEit communities around the world. Your part, as a Brand Ambassador, is to do this in your city, town or local area. We want to bring together people who are committed to empowering individuals and communities by spreading personal safety messages.

There are different levels of involvement. At the very least, you could promote the RESOLVEit brand and workshops to your community by writing reviews, blogs or by sharing our posts and tagging #resolveit #inthistogether; simply put, being an evangelist.

We believe in training people to redeliver our message and ethos is the best way to connect like-minded people so that they can foster connections and build strong communities.

Q: How can I be involved?

To become a RESOLVEit Brand Ambassador you must hold a qualification in self-defence or be part of the NPFS family.

This Brand Ambassador program is a worldwide initiative. You can apply to be a Brand Ambassador in your city, town or local area, wherever that may be. We will work closely with our Brand Ambassadors to create consistent branding and activities for our events across the globe.

Every Ambassador who wishes to deliver our workshops receives free annual training.

Our workshops are affordable and effective. As an Ambassador, you will receive a massive 50% off in your first year and 20% off every year when your 12-month subscription ends.

We will also offer and automatically place you into an annual raffle for 12 months free access to all our workshops (worth £456.99).

Q: What does it mean to be A RESOLVEit Brand Ambassador?

As a Brand Ambassador, you must be passionate about our brand, our products, love the concept of being a RESOLVEit Ambassador, and truly believe in our mission statement, ‘everyone has the right to feel safe’.  

You want to be a part of this movement, helping us inspire more people to believe that everyone has the right to feel safe and that they're in charge of their wellbeing and safety.

The Brand Ambassador can organise, host, and promote events, brunches and workshops in their hometown.

As a Brand Ambassador, you are in charge of all the details for any local events. This might include:

  • Securing a venue

  • Facilitating the workshop

  • Following RESOLVEit’s workshops

  • Finding sponsors to cover any expenses

  • Leading the event team in your city (including a photographer and videographer)

  • Marketing for the event and managing social media accounts for your city, while tagging RESOLVEit’s social media handles to create a reciprocal source of marketing.

  • Serving as the main point of contact for RESOLVEit HQ

Q: What benefits do I get for being a Brand Ambassador?

The role of a Brand Ambassador is a fulfilling role.


You will play an important role in inspiring people in your community to be the best they can be and to remain safe and empowered.


You will have direct contact with the RESOLVEit HQ team and will have a chance to be involved in NPD (new product development) processes.


You will play an important role in helping us understand our customers and providing feedback.


When you sign up to be a Brand Ambassador, you will receive a RESOLVEit welcome pack and a digital media pack.


Your location/name/contact details will feature on the Ambassador’s page on the RESOLVEit website.


Any enquiries we receive from schools or groups/clubs local to you will be passed on to you. You will have access to the free RESOLVEit safety assemblies (available at primary and secondary level) which you can offer as a taster with the view to run workshops in/out of school or club time.

Q: Do Brand Ambassadors sign a license agreement?

Each Brand Ambassador signs a license agreement to represent RESOLVEit’s brand and agrees that all content created as a result of a RESOLVEit event(s) is the property of RESOLVEit.


The license agreement lasts for 12 months and is renewable following an annual free Train a Trainer Refresher. If conflicts occur, RESOLVEit reserves the right to terminate the contract at any point in time.

Q: Can there be more than one Brand Ambassador in each area?

Depending on the size of the area, there can be more than one brand ambassador but usually no more than three in any one area.


You can get more people involved as volunteers or interns to help and support you. This way if illness, travel, or any number of life’s surprises prevent you from delivering, you have a solid back up.


You are free to organise your team as you see fit, but only the nominated 1-3 people can be the official Brand Ambassadors and must undergo full RESOLVEit training.

Q: Can my company or group apply to be a Brand Ambassador?

This will be considered case by case. A company can become an official sponsor who helps organise events and workshops for people in their company and in their city, please contact us if you wish to discuss this.

Q: How often are events /workshops?

This is down to you! If you can get video feedback or post pictures, we will help to promote it and market it from HQ too!

Q: How much do I charge people to attend RESOLVEit workshops?

RESOLVEit is a not-for-profit company. The purpose of the Brand Ambassador programme is to get people who are passionate about personal development and personal growth together so that we form meaningful friendships and inspire one another.


Sometimes we can't avoid venue hire or catering costs. We suggest finding venues that do not charge extortionate rates, such as local community centres. We suggest charging individuals by blocks rather than PAYG, working your figures around the cost of the workshop, your time and the length of the workshop.


As an example, The Empowerment workshop can run over a period of months if being run as a weekly session and we would suggest you charge £99pp for this course.


In addition, we will create a free discount code for your students so they can sign up to Tuborial and to access all the content for 12 months.

Q: What are some qualities you look for in a Brand Ambassador?

Here are some of the qualities we look for:

  • You are absolutely passionate about RESOLVEit’s brand.

  • You are passionate about personal development, health, safety and wellness.

  • You like to meet new people. 

Q: Should I change my social media account to RESOLVEit?

Please do not register social media accounts on behalf of RESOLVEit. 


When we help new ambassadors launch RESOLVEit communities in new places, we populate our website with your information and post your affiliation with us online too with sample descriptions of what you offer/your name/contact details/social media handle.

Q: Do we have to get speakers approved by headquarters?

No, but we'd like to know whom you're inviting and if you can record it or live stream it on to RESOLVEit social media channels too, that would be great!

Q: Can Brand Ambassadors create CIC’s or non-profits?

Brand Ambassadors can establish organisations to keep finances in order or apply for certain types of funding. However, RESOLVEit does not permit Brand Ambassadors to use the “RESOLVEit” trademark, or confusingly similar names, as the entity name.

Q: What sort of resources does RESOLVEit’s HQ provide?

Each of our Brand Ambassadors receives a large batch of files:

  • (e.g. brand assets, slide templates, sample marketing materials)

  • Tuborial Train a Trainer training and online zoom training with RESOLVEit team members.


  • Access to our internal RESOLVEit Facebook page: RESOLVEit Brand Ambassadors worldwide.

Q: How long is the commitment for being a host?

Brand Ambassador licence lasts for one year and in most cases, we offer Brand Ambassadors the opportunity to renew their agreement each year.

Q: What happens if I am a Brand Ambassador and I’d like to pass on the role to someone else?

We have an exit process setup for our Brand Ambassadors. You will have the option to nominate someone who you heavily endorse to be the next Brand Ambassador (they will have to complete an abridged application).


Otherwise, we will will open public applications for the city/area.

Get in touch today at Training@resolveitcic.co.uk to find out more!