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Online Superhero Academy - Schools and Clubs

School and Clubs Edition


Celebrating PSHE through a new, creative and innovative online portal “Personally and socially effective by providing learning experiences in which they can develop and apply skills, explore personal attitudes and values, and acquire appropriate knowledge and understanding.”

With the use of an innovative online portal, RESOLVEit’s SUPERHERO ACADEMY allows children and teachers to work through the key contents that underpin the KS2 PSHE requirements in a fun, modern and interactive way.

Within the SUPERHERO ACADEMY packages for schools, staff will have access to an introductory set of basic self-defence videos, interactive life skill workbooks, certificates, quizzes and downloadable lesson plans. Additionally, the resources cover the following components of PSHE:

Additionally, the resources cover the following components of PSHE:

The Superhero Academy programme also comes with the Superhero Academy workbook (PDF).

Our personal safety programme is fun, interactive and theoretical, covering topics such as:

  • Friendships and relationships
  • Bullying
  • Equality and diversity
  • Personal safety and self- defence
  • Communication
  • Anger awareness

What you receive

7 Videos

• Personal Space

• The Shield

• The Palm Deflection

• Wrist Release (Touching Ear)

• Wrist Release No2 (Telling the time)

• Double Hand Wrist Release

• Side step to front or rear leg

• Downward Evasion

• Palm Push

• Shin Technique

• Stand Up


13 Topics

• Respect and Understanding

• All About You

• First Impressions

• Friendship

• Trust

• Anger Triggers

• Non-Verbal Communication

• Active Listening

• Peer Pressure

• Understanding Bullying

• Cyber Bullying

• Bystander Effect

• Expressions

Workbook (Printable PDF)

1 Quiz + Learning Materials

Certificate on Competition

*Train the Trainer Programme


*/**PLATINUM = £299 (Lifetime Access) Purchase one time only 

*GOLD = £149.99 Purchase one time only

SILVER = £99.99 (without Train the Trainer programme) 

*You must be located within 20 miles radius from Cardiff Central for RESOLVEit to train your staff in person or we can deliver over Skype if you're outside the 20 miles category.

** LIFETIME ACCESS - Free refresher workshop after 1 year.