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RESOLVEit has teamed up with the DofE to become an Approved Activity Provider for the volunteering section of the Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards.

Young people are facing unprecedented challenges, making the DofE more relevant and important than ever. It helps them emotionally and physically. 

As the world’s leading youth achievement award, the DofE equips young people aged 14 to 25 with the skills, experience and confidence to successfully navigate adult life.

The DofE builds the character and attitude that research shows businesses prioritise over academic results. No other programme offers the same range of experiences and opportunities.


Peter Westgarth, Chief Executive of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award said: “The DofE enables young people to enrich their lives, improve their life chances and have a positive impact on their communities. Businesses repeatedly tell us that young people lack the skills they so desperately need to be successful in the work place. At a time of immense technological change across all industries, skills such as teamwork, resilience, problem solving and leadership are more important than ever.

Our work in the community

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We have a clear goal that everyone has the right to feel safe; and working with partners, such as The Duke of Edinburgh Award, makes our goals more achievable.

Our community challenges help young people understand the importance of personal safety; the challenges they may meet on a personal level, in their local community and school and how to have a positive impact on others around them.


RESOLVEit has created a framework that will offer DofE participants the opportunity to educate their local community in matters of personal safety and self-defence whilst expanding their personal skill set. 


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Bronze: the aim of the RESOLVEit Bronze Digital Safety Campaign is to encourage young people who are digital natives and comfortable with the use of technology, to raise personal safety awareness in their local school communities. As part of their twelve weeks volunteering, they will be expected to run a one-hour safety event of their choice, either online or face to face.

Silver: the aim of the RESOLVEit Silver Personal Safety Campaign is to offer participants the opportunity to spread safety messages within their local community. As part of their six months volunteering, they will be expected to deliver at least one personal safety assembly to either primary or secondary age students.

Gold: the aim of the RESOLVEit Gold Personal Safety & Self-Defence Campaign is to offer participants the opportunity to create a digital personal safety campaign as well as delivering at least one personal safety assembly and running a half-day personal safety and self-defence event. At this level, participants are expected to focus on reaching as many people as possible, through whatever means they choose, over the course of their twelve months volunteering.


UK based Gold participants will achieve a Level 2 BTEC in Self-Defence.


Whilst completing any, or all, of these challenges, young people will focus on real-life concerns and needs through activities which aim to make a difference in their community. They must consider how they need to develop and extend their skills, knowledge and understanding to successfully meet the needs of the Challenge. They will receive full training from RESOLVEit which will equip them with essential life skills.




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DofE training workshops will take place on Zoom.


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