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Managing Director Eira spoke to BBC Radio Wales about the importance of personal safety awareness and the lack of education around this topic in today’s society.


It was a conversation aimed to inform the public about RESOLVEit’s lead in tackling problems regarding personal safety and well being; protecting both children and adults through essential curriculum based life skills workshops.

Eira Culverwell on BBC Raido WalesBBC Raido Wales
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(Ellie Gould and the importance of self-defence in schools)

RESOLVEit had the pleasure of working alongside Tilda, Harriet and Ellie who are campaigning in memory of their dear friend Ellie Gould who was murdered by former boyfriend Tom Griffiths on the 3rd of May 2019.


'Ellie died from 13 stab wounds to her neck which she mercilessly received after Griffiths strangled her with his bare hands. After murdering our gorgeous Ellie, he then proceeded to leave her alone on her family dining room floor for her family to find. For such an inhumane act, Griffiths received the minimum sentence he could have got -12 years 6 months’


We believe it is more important than ever that self-defence is part of the school curriculum.


We all have the right to defend ourselves.

To sign the petition please click the link below.


(Safe places campaign with FOR cardiff)

Caitlin spoke about the 'Safe Places' campaign with FOR Cardiff Associate Director Carolyn Brownwell.
She explores their excellent personal safety campaign and what else needs to be done to ensure the safety of others.

FOR Cardiff are a private, not-for-profit membership organisation which was voted for by the city’s businesses in June 2016.

They began their first five-year term in December 2016 with an ambitious plan to transform Cardiff city centre.
Since then, they have collectively invested over £7.5million into making Cardiff more welcoming, vibrant, and influential through award-winning campaigns, projects, and initiatives." www.forcardiff.com
RESOLVEit is happy to have done a podcast with them!

(Why we turn to social media for HELP)

RESOLVEit speak with Lottie on her experience of being assaulted at University. Through her own courageous story, we hope listeners who can relate to the issues discussed in the podcast feel less alone in their own personal journeys.


‘On the 24th of April I was raped after a tinder date ‘gone wrong’. He invited me over to watch a movie and I told him yes as long as he knew nothing was going to happen. He agreed.’ - Lottie

(St Michael's RC Primary School)

Congratulations St Michael's RC on becoming a RESOLVEit Safety School!


Catherine Dowding the Deputy Head from St Michael's RC Primary School in South Wales (UK), has taken the time to appear on our podcast to talk about the importance of personal safety and self-defence in schools.

For more information about our workshops, email us at training@resolveitcic.co.uk