It’s ‘Cool to be Kind’, RESOLVE it spreads anti-bullying message at Crucial Crew

Community Interest Company RESOLVE it is taught young people the value of kindness during its first Crucial Crew events.

Working with many different organisations, agencies, charities and local authorities, Crucial Crew workshops use interactive scenarios to help young people become more aware of personal safety, learn social responsibility, develop an awareness and understanding of the role of the emergency services and how to avoid becoming victims of crime. 

RESOLVEit recently took over the running of Crucial Crew’s network of safety events after they had become fragmented and stopped running in some areas. In the first year, they are expected to deliver workshops to over 18,000 10 - 12 year olds across South Wales. 

During the first five days of the event since RESOLVE it’s involvement, workshops were delivered to over 790 children from 20 schools based in Newport.

Kath Powell, phase leader at Pillgwenlly Primary said: “It’s great to have Crucial Crew back. The children have really enjoyed the activities and the safety knowledge they have gained is very valuable.”

During the sessions RESOLVEit launched their #CoolToBeKind campaign, aiming to put a positive angle on anti-bullying week and to encourage people to do something kind for someone else. 

Eira Culverwell, managing director of RESOLVE it, said: “It was great to bring the sessions back to Newport and to see so many schools taking part. It was the perfect time to launch our #CoolToBeKind campaign."

“We asked the children and their teachers to write #CoolToBeKind on their hand, perform an act of kindness and take a quick ‘hand selfie’ whilst doing so."

“Having suffered at the hands of bullies growing up, the work that RESOLVE it is doing in empowering people to stay safe is something which I’m extremely passionate about. Wouldn't it be amazing if everyone showed a little more kindness?”

RESOLVEit was established in 2013 to deliver personal safety workshops in educational establishments, charities, businesses and not-for-profit organisations empowering individuals to stay safe.

The next Crucial Crew will take place at Llanhilleth Miners Institute in Abertillery, Gwent, with 630 young people signed up to take part. 

Further information on RESOLVEit, Crucial Crew and the #CoolToBeKind campaign can be found at www.resolveitcic.co.uk

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