Create your own Gratitude Journal

It has been shown that gratitude (being thankful) can improve your physical and mental health. So, keeping a gratitude journal could be a huge boost of positivity for you and help to improve your outlook on life!

Thankfully making a gratitude journal is very easy and can even be fun!

What you will Need:

  • Blank Notebook or Journal

  • Pens or pencils (it's more fun if you use colour!)

  • Stickers to decorate (optional)

  • A quiet space to write

  • Yourself :)


Gratitude is a way of expressing thanks and appreciation for people and things in your life. The gratitude journal is a daily activity that records what we are grateful for and why.

  1. Pick an A5 notebook or journal in a colour and style that you love.

  2. Every day at a time that suits you, come up with a small list of things you are grateful for. A list of 1-4 things is enough! The good news is that even on a bad day, there is always one small thing that we can appreciate. A good book, sunny weather or a tasty meal perhaps?

  3. Next write down what you thought of, in bullet points, on a fresh page in your journal. You could use coloured pens, if you want to brighten it up! Title each page with ''What I'm thankful for'' or ''Gratitude''.

  4. Now you need to get specific and really focus on why you are grateful for the things that you wrote down. Don't be afraid to start to add some detail to each point. For example; if you are grateful for the weather, say why it makes you feel good. Does it make you feel warm, refreshed or perhaps festive? *Hint: It's all in the process. The more you think about what you are grateful for and why, the more positivity you will feel from the activity.

  5. After you have written down what you are thankful for, you can decorate the page for fun! Creative activities such as colouring and doodling have also been shown to reduce stress and anxiety. So it's a bonus for your brain!

  6. Finally you can date the page, for you to come back to later. You can re-read your points whenever you need reminding of the good things that you have in your life. *Hint: If you write your journal at the same time of day each day, you may find it easier to fit into your schedule.

Happy Journaling!


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