Crucial Crew

What is Crucial Crew?

Crucial Crew is a group of organisations consisting of members such as RESOLVE it, Fire and Rescue Services, British Transport Police, Food Standards Agency Wales, Network Rail, R.N.L.I, Western Power, Women’s Aid, Barnardos, The Samaritans, The Dogs Trust, British Red Cross, Barnardos, NSPCC, Arriva Trains, local Road Safety Units, various drug and alcohol support charities, local trading standards departments, local waste awareness departments, some local police forces, the Coastguard and many other charities and organisations.

What do we do?

We deliver essential and life-saving safety and PSHE messages to Year 6 and 7 children throughout Wales at a series of events entitled Crucial Crews. The presentations and workshops are delivered by professionals. They are designed to be relevant, engaging, curriculum linked advice involving real life situations. 

Annually we deliver workshops to 17,000 – 21,000 10-12 year olds across up to 17 Welsh authorities. 

The events have been running throughout Wales for nearly twenty years and are offered to the pupils completely free of charge and usually of no charge to the school other than for some areas transportation to a venue.

We deliver at external sites to year 6 pupils in the South. In the North and West we deliver directly to Year 7 pupils in their respective schools. 

We also organise dedicated Welsh Language days at events for Welsh Language schools to attend and where possible most agencies will provide a Welsh Language speaker for those days. 

The agencies involved use the Crucial Crew network as we find it the most effective way to deliver our safety and PSHE messages to pupils throughout Wales. This network is known to the schools and bypasses any need to individually contact schools.

In short, Crucial Crew is an existing network of events running throughout Wales that has for nearly two decades delivered life-saving PSHE lessons to around 20,000 10-12-year-olds on an annual basis. It enables the agencies and organisations who commit to attending to deliver to a whole generation of Welsh children. It is all inclusive, open to every school in a participating authority.

Crucial Crew in South Wales is evolving with RESOLVEit. Personal safety RESOLVEit is taking over the organisation of Crucial Crew events covering 9 local authorities in South East Wales. They are going to be bringing the events back to what they used to be and promoting them onwards to even bigger things.

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