Dark nights are slowly creeping in on us

In the last fortnight, we have seen a start of a new academic term and the dark nights slowly creeping in on us and not really placing safety around travelling to and from school and home in the forefront of our minds?

Last week, two incidents occurred on two separate occasions where boys were approached by a young man who attempted to lure the boys to follow him down a lane.

Parents of children, who attend Brynmill Primary School, have received letters informing them of the incident and to 'Please ensure your children are aware of the 'stranger danger' message.

A spokeswoman from South Wales Police informs us of the incident, and states 'enquiries are ongoing, and local schools have been notified of the incident. Concerned parents are reminded to remain vigilant and to report any concerns of suspicious behaviour via 101 or 999 in an emergency'

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Tips for keeping safe whilst out and about;

  • There's safety in numbers - Tell your child the importance of staying with their friends whilst they are out. Even on the way home.

  • Awareness is one of the first steps to keeping safe.  It's important your child knows the importance of telling you where they are going and to tell you if those plans change.

  • Shortcuts down alleyways and lanes for example are not safe. Stick to the main route it's well lit and they can see what's going on around them.

  • If your child needs help whilst they're out and about a shop is a good place to go the staff / security guard will be able to help and phone someone for them.

  • Ensure your child knows your mobile number off by heart should they need help and not have their phone.


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