Dealing with Exam Stress

As we once again come into exam season, we once again notice how many things have changed! Most exams are now open book and of course online. But one thing that hasn’t changed: Exam stress! Here are some tips on how to cope with the anxieties that exam season can bring!

Since a lot of us have been remotely contacting our peers and teachers, it can be hard to know how you are doing. There is also that temptation to compare yourself with someone else with how you’re coping and dealing with the additional stress. However, a lot of the time this does more harm then it does good. It’s always helpful to remember you are in competition with no one else - only yourself. While it can be comforting to know that everyone found a certain question difficult or no one finished the question in time, it can also put an immense amount of pressure on your shoulders.

Another key thing to remember is to take breaks! Exam season should not see you cooped up in your room for hours on end glued to a computer. Scientifically speaking your brain can only concentrate effectively for 20 minutes so anything over that is not only boring but ineffective! Take regular breaks whether it be a walk around the block , sitting outside or watching a quick episode of your favourite tv show! Anything you can do to completely switch off and relax. You will find that you may retain information better afterwards!

A great way to stop that overwhelming feeling that comes with exam season is to simply break down your work load. Sometimes it can feel almost impossible to cover all the materials. So instead, maybe try focusing on certain things and how you manage your time with them. What are your weaker subjects? Focus on them! Cut away the bits you already know well, break the harder subject into sub topics and you will soon find in dissecting the topic, you will conquer it much more effectively and without all the unnecessary stress!

Don’t be too hard on yourself this exam season - like everything else over this past year it is a new experience for everyone. A grade will never define you.

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