Drink spiking awareness

Getting your drink spiked is unfortunately a common event, Drink spiking is when someone adds alcohol or drugs to a person's drink without them knowing. Sometimes it is done to cause distress or embarrassment to someone, but sometimes it used with the intention of stealing from or sexually assaulting the victim.

Signs that you have had your drink spiked include:

  • Lowered inhibitions

  • Difficulty concentrating or speaking

  • Loss of balance and finding it hard to move

  • Visual problems, particularly blurred vision

  • Memory loss (amnesia) or 'blackouts'

  • Feeling confused or disorientated, particularly after waking up (if you have been asleep)

  • Paranoia (a feeling of fear or distrust of others)

  • Hallucinations (seeing, hearing or touching things that aren't there) or having an 'out of body experience'

  • Nausea and vomiting

  • Unconsciousness.

  1. Here are some tips to help keep your drinks safe!1. Never leave your drink unattended

  2. If you can, choose a bottled drink where you can put your thumb over the top of it when carrying it.

  3. Go to the bar with a friend when possible

  4. Never accept a drink off someone you don’t know

  5. Watch out for changes to your drink, this can include the taste changed, the straw has been removed, if it is bubbling or fizzing or it the colour has changed

  6. If you're worried you might have been spiked, tell someone you trust or a member of staff immediately. If you're worried you're in danger, call 999 and don't leave with anyone you don't trust.If you feel unwell, ask someone to take you to A&E and tell the medical staff that you think your drink was spiked. If you're abroad, a holiday rep or staff member should be able to guide you.

Stay safe Team RESOLVE it

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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