RESOLVEit would like to wish you and your family a safe and fun filled Halloween! Here are some safety tips to help keep yourself and others safe when you are celebrating.

  1. Young children must always go trick or treating with an adult.

  2. Tell your children that they should always stay with their friends when they are outdoors, even on the way home.

  3. Plan a trick or treat route for your children, so that you know where they’ll be going and that it is a safe area.

  4. Tell your child to stick to well-lit areas and safe neighbourhoods.

  5. Always check your child’s candy before they eat it.

  6. Ensure that your child has learnt your phone number or that of another trusted family member, off by heart. If there is an emergency, they can then contact you even without a mobile phone.

  7. Tell your children and teens, not to take shortcuts through alleys and parks. A shortcut is usually dangerous.

  8. Be aware of older teens and adults in costume. Their behaviour and intent may not be the same as that of the younger children and families.

  9. If you are staying at home and answering the door to trick or treaters, check who’s calling through a window or spy hole before opening the door. The trick or treater’s may not always be children!

  10. Be mindful of children when they are around jack o’ lanterns. They could burn themselves on the candle flames. Alternatively you could be safer opting for LED tea lights.

Happy Halloween!!

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