How Do Stress Balls Work?

Lowering levels of stress and tension can help to improve your quality of life by promoting better sleep habits, warding off illness and increasing a general feeling of well-being.

Squeezing them activates the muscles of your hand and wrist, then releasing the grip allows the muscles to relax. The repeated pattern of gripping and releasing helps to alleviate tension and stress.

You might not think of stress balls as "cool" thing, but let me tell you, they are. These super cool squishy balls are perfect for fidgeters, children with Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, Anxiety and overall well-being.

They stretch, they squeeze, they are so much fun and most of all easy to carry round.

Dealing with stress can be difficult for children and adults, and can have serious effects on one’s health.

For many, the thought of using a stress ball seems pointless. “What can one little ball do that would help ?”

Stress causes a great deal of physical tension mentally and physically.

The reflexology theory has proven that vital organs are strengthened by using stress balls; as the use of the ball will enhance blood circulation throughout various parts of the body while relaxing the mind.

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