Keyless Car Safety

New technologies add more convenience into our lives, one of these being keyless car systems also known as Smart Keys or Passive Keyless Entry (PKE). Most modern vehicles have what's known as a keyless system.

A keyless car system allows the key holder to walk up to their car with the key in their pocket or handbag and the doors to unlock, the engine is started by pushing a button on the dashboard; the vehicle will lock when the key holder walks out of range.

Whilst this seems to be a great feature for convenience- no more fumbling through your bag for your keys or  forgetting to lock the car, a recent incident reported on Wales Online where thieves stole a car in less than 60 seconds without using a key.

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The thieves were caught on CCTV, the footage shows them stood on the victim's driveway next to the car with a device, whilst the other waves an amplifying device near his front door.   If the key fob is in range the car is unlocked and it's as easy as pressing the start button and driving off!

ONS research states around 89000 vehicles were stolen in England and Wales last year an increase of 56% from 57,000 in 2016.  Chief technical officer for

Thatcham Research, Richard Billyeald said ' keyless entry systems on cars offer convenience to drivers, but can in some situations be exploited by criminals.' If you do have a keyless entry system and are concerned contact your car dealer for further guidance.

Here's some tips to keep your vehicle safe;

  • Park in a well lit area where possible

  • Don't leave your keys close to your front or back door

  • Use a steering lock for additional security on your vehicle

  • If you park your vehicle on your driveway invest in a driveway parking post

  • Use a wheel clamp when your vehicle is parked

  • Erase address names from your sat nav for example 'home' 'nan's house' etc. - the thief has taken your car, you wouldn't want them having a note of your home address or that of a family member'.

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