Last Bank Holiday Of The Summer

The last bank holiday of the Summer is almost here and there are plenty of festivals, carnivals and other events happening across the country.

Whether you're planning on going away, attending a festival, going out with friends or hitting the sales to get some end of season bargains.

Regardless of if you're working or enjoying some time off over the weekend here's some tips to make your bank holiday weekend fun but safe.

Getting away:

Social media can be your worst enemy. Discussing your holiday plans or posting photos whilst you're on the beach is an open invitation to get burgled;

'We're having a great time in Tenerife' = Nobody is home for two weeks.

Only take what you need with you , leave the rest locked up ; There's no need to go out for a walk in the city with all of your credit cards, passport and large amounts of cash. Take what you need with you for the day, keep some emergency currency in a separate spot just incase.

Off to a festival:

Festivals are great, lots going on, you're excited to see your favourite bands and explore the entertainment.

They can be confusing too - make sure when you arrive you familiarise yourself with the area know where the toilets, food stalls , help points and where your tent is. Some festivals provide a map or go and have an explore with your friends. Being aware of your surroundings is the first steps to keeping yourselves safe.

Have a buddy system - look out for each other - organise a time and meeting place incase you get lost.

Don't rely on your phone - the battery may run out, network could become overloaded or you could lose your phone. It's a good idea to learn their phone number or at least have it written down.

Hitting the sales:

Bank holiday sales are common and quite enticing to buy as much as you can carry. It's a good idea to not over load yourself with bags and parcels.

Keep a hand free, don't carry so much that you can barely walk back to your car.

Before leaving the cash register put your bank cards back in your purse/wallet and put this away also.Remember where you have parked.

Night out:

Plan ahead know where you are going , who is going, how and when you're getting home Whether you're drinking alcohol or soft drinks keep an eye on them to prevent someone spiking them.

Be careful accepting drinks off others - there's always the added risk of someone adding an incapacitating drug.You're going to have a few drinks , just be careful you don't have too many as your judgement becomes clouded.

Getting home:

Always know how you're getting home, wherever you're going.

Make sure you keep enough money to get home.

Getting a taxi? Ensure it's licensed , book it in advance.

Driving? Park in a well lit area, as close to your destination as possible. Reverse into your space so you can drive out it's much easier to leave quickly.

Whatever your plans are, have a fun safe weekend!

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