RESOLVEit's Highlights!

Hey, I'm Sarien the new Marketing & Engagements officer and this is my first blog.

This week we're going to be looking at RESOLVEit's amazing highlights. By highlights I mean what we all as a team, have nominated as our company's best bits and the things we are most proud of!

My first task on the job was to clear out all of our social media pages, to make way for a new, snazzy theme for the RESOLVEit team. There was much to sift through during my endeavour to clean up the Instagram page and some content felt almost too good to simply delete. It became apparent to me, that this Community Interest company had done absolutely fantastic things in the years before my arrival and right then the idea came to me. I decided to create a blog highlighting all the teams hard work. A last hurrah if you will, to the company's past posts, before the new social media campaign moves forward.

So, I invite you readers to reminisce with us a while, as we take a peek at the past...

First up we have the super cute TY Hafan Snow Dogs event, that took place in 2017! As animal lovers we absolutely love to look back at this super cool event.

That year RESOLVEit and Moondance became proud sponsors of the Snow Dogs: Tails in Wales project for TY HAFAN. For 10 weeks between September and November 2017, a pack of Snow Dogs, inspired by the much-loved, animated short film, The Snowman and The Snowdog were unleashed onto streets, into buildings, open spaces and all across the Vale as part of a spectacular public art trail.

RESOLVEit couldn't resist being part of the fun and so we produced our very own good boy called RESOLVED. This fabulous doggo was designed by our in house designer George O'Dowd! And if you take a look at the many pictures featured in this blog, you will see he was marvellous!

Fun fact: Despite the fact I was not part of RESOLVEit at the time, I luckily got my picture taken with RESOLVED outside the St. David's Arcade in Cardiff. See the girl in the red coat? That was me!

Now I know it may seem like having your very own, one of a kind, doggo is as good as it can get but there's more...

All of the money raised from this event went to Ty Hafan to allow them to continue providing care and support to children and young people with life-limiting conditions and their families in Wales. A truly admirable and wholesome cause!

The lovely dogs were eventually auctioned off to good homes and raised a tremendous £121,300 for Ty Hafan!

Our next Highlight is more recent. It's RESOLVEit's collaboration with the WJEC for the Welsh Baccalaureate!

We are finally on the framework and provide 3 out of 4 of the Skills Challenge Briefs at KS4 Foundation/National Level! We were thrilled to become a part of this Skills Challenge Certificate, as it is the heart of the Welsh Baccalaureate.

Becoming part of the National Curriculum is super exciting as it allows us to spread the RESOLVEit message further. We believe self-defence and personal safety should be taught as part of all nation curriculums so that everyone can feel safe and protected.

Following this theme of collaborations, we also have the prestigious Duke of Edinburgh Award!

Back in 2020 we were delighted to have teamed up with the DOfE, to become an Approved Activity Provider, for the volunteering section of the Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards.

We love this, because nowadays we realise young people are faced with a very challenging and difficult world. We feel the DofE is more relevant and important than ever.

The skills we know they can gain from us and the DOfE can help them both physically and emotionally to stay safe.

On becoming part of the award, RESOLVEit expertly created a framework that could offer the participants the opportunity to educate their local community in matters of personal safety and self-defence. This we think, can really change lives. DOfE is the world's leading youth achievement award and we were so pleased to become a part of such an important programme!

Alongside these amazing highlight's we decided to look back on the creation of one of our very own workshops called The Superhero Academy. This workshop has been with us now for many years and is a child's personal safety programme.

We think this deserves a mention because we love how this workshop is presented. It features many unique and colourful superheroes for children to get to know.

It's eye catching, interactive and fun for children to learn from. Our fantastic workshop characters and materials were designed by George O'Dowd and have almost become a brand in themselves, with so many immediately recognisable characters!

The Academy is also practical because it allows children and teachers to work through key contents that underpin the KS2 PSHE requirements.

Please take a look at the art of the Superhero Academy featured on our blog!

Now, our final best bit for this blog is going to be remembering when RESOLVEit became a part of the children's University.

So what is the Children's University?

Well, it's a national charity that encourages and rewards children's participation in learning activities, beyond the classroom. These can be in libraries, museums and exciting outdoor environments. The children collect stamps in a passport for each activity that they take part in, for a feeling of achievement.

We were over the moon for our activities to become part of this charity and to be able to deliver the RESOLVEit teachings to more young people!

So this rounds up our look at RESOLVEit's best bits. I hope you've enjoyed looking back on the company's amazing past activities and that you will now look forward to the future of RESOLVEit with us.

Stay Safe!

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