RESOLVEit Safety Advice

With Summer upon us we would like the community of Cardiff to have lots of fun with family and friends and in doing so would like to raise awareness of the common dangers faced by all adults, teenagers and young children during the summer months.

General Safety Advice

  • Keep your stuff safe – When out and about this summer using public transport or attending events, don’t leave your bags unattended and keep your purses, wallets, phones and mp3 players out of sight.

  • Stuck on you – Sticking with your mates this summer will not only be more fun but it’s safer than travelling or wandering around the area on your own. Keep to well lit areas after nightfall and rather than hanging out on the street, go to your local youth club.

  • Respect – It’s not just your summer holidays, other people may be off enjoying activities and events or chilling in parks at the same time as you. Respect others around you - let’s all have a peaceful and happy summer.

  • Stay safe Don't talk to any stranger or get into a stranger's car or go off with anyone unknown to you.

  • Don’t accept any gift from any stranger

  • Don’t eat anything given by a stranger or that you do not recognise as food

  • Avoid dark alleys, country paths, unlit streets, empty or unfamiliar buildings

  • Know how to get help – phone 999 emergency services. Stay on the line so that the police can trace your whereabouts.

  • Know your full name, address and telephone details. Older children should be able to call their parents at work – so they need to know the telephone number and access times. They should also have another adult that they can get hold of should they be in any sort of trouble and cannot get hold of their parents.

  • Younger children should discuss the safety procedures as outline above. They should be encouraged to repeat the messages over and over again and to roll-play them.

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