Celebrate the summer with our growing range of summer activities for kids. We've got lots to keep your kids busy this summer - on sunny days or rainy days!

Whether you want to book onto our summer superhero workshops or stay at home and try some of our summer colouring pages, printable, home self defence DVD, you are sure to find something here which will inspire you and tour child to stay safe!


Our summer superhero workshops are £10 for half a day, running the entire of August.

Check out our timetable below!

Children will learn develop their life and self-defence skills. Children will journey through various superhero stages with the help of our RESOLVE it superheroes to cover both interactive theoretical and practical elements to personal safety in a fun and safe environment.

The sessions are both progressive and age specific covering life skill topics such as;

  • Friendships/Relationships: Looking at both friendships, relationships; focusing on understanding ‘you’ as well as understanding the other people in their lives.

  • Bullying: How relationships and friendships have their ups and downs, but how to spot both positive and negative traits and how to recognise, address bullying and how to get help

  • Equality and diversity: celebrating everyone’s individualities, differences, hopes, dreams and aspirations. We believe everyone is unique, equal.

  • Personal safety techniques/ Self-Defence: This is the fun part for most –learn and perfect a range of the most simple and effective techniques during the course

  • Communication: Being able to read body language of a potential aggressor/s and controlling your own to influence the outcome.

  • Anger Awareness: Diffusing and de-escalating a situation and managing aggression.

  • Each workshop last 2 hours, combining both self defence, personal safety and life skills topics.


Download our rainy day colouring in sheets for 0.99p for a set available on our shop

Our safety SUPERHERO characters will occupy your kids time and teach them essential safety tips along the way!



Can't get to our workshops? no problem, we will come to you!

Your child will follow the superhero on a journey to develop their life and self defence skills over 6 lessons.

Welcome to RESOLVEit’s superhero academy, designed to equip your child with the essential personal safety and life skills to help keep them safe. 

Children will follow the superheroes on a journey of life and self-defence skills, progressing through the stages of the Superhero Academy with workbooks and interactive games to learn and harness the values of being respectful, loyal, sincere, empathetic as well as learning to celebrate theirs and others uniqueness; becoming empowered and virtuous individuals 

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