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Great fun is to be had gaming online, interacting with real people all over the world, but it does have a darkside.

Not always knowing who you are gaming with could be a problem leading you too serious harm if safety measures aren’t taken.

For example, you could be gaming with someone who’s a 45-year-old male claiming to be a 13-year-old girl. Voice changing software can disguise age and gender making you believe that you are playing with someone your age.

No one is telling you to stop gaming online, just be more aware and take these 3 easy steps;

Never give out personal details; Name, age and address.

  1. Only talk to your real friends from the real world (school or social clubs)

  2. Try to avoid games that aren’t your age group.

PEGI have put in place an age rating system, to protect you, so try and stick to it, especially online. Less chance of playing with adults, but be aware that adults will play games that are aimed for a younger age group too.

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