Your home is your castle. It’s the one place where you should feel secure. But perhaps we take that for granted?

Scrutinise your home environment through the eyes of someone wanting to break in.

  • How easy are you making it for them?

  • Are doors and windows left open?

  • Are valuables on display?

  • Do you have cash sitting around?

  • Are your house keys visible?

  • Do you leave a key under the mat (or some other obvious ‘hiding’ spot?)


Keep your doors locked when you’re at home as well as away from home.When the doorbell rings or there’s a knock at the door find out who’s outside before you open up.That means using spy holes, door chains, and maybe installing an intercom system and outdoor lighting. Identify who is there.If the person represents that he’s from a company (power, water, etc.) make him show you his ID.

If you’re still not sure, call the number on your utility bill to double-check - and not the one that’s on the ID card.

Image by Schluesseldienst from Pixabay

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