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Self-defence qualifications for Cardiff school pupils

Twenty year eleven pupils in Cardiff have become the first in Wales to gain the BTEC level two qualification in self-defence and breakaway techniques. 

The pupils from Kings Monkton School took part in the one day course, which was run by Community Interest Company, RESOLVEit.

The aim of the course was to instruct pupils with breakaway or disengagement and self-defence skills to enable them to protect themselves when faced with the risk of physical violence in a situation of serious and imminent threat to their personal safety.

During the course, pupils learned four principles - awareness, avoidance, dialogue and action - to develop their self-confidence in dealing with dangerous situations.

Paul Norton, principle at Kings Monkton School said: “Thank you to RESOLVE it for such a powerful and rewarding day for our pupils. The self-confidence and team work that developed through the day, with all the pupils, was palpable and it was great to see them leave with smiles on their faces and a qualification in their hands in such an important life skill.”

This was the first time that RESOLVEit had delivered the course with all twenty participants successfully gaining the qualification and certificate at the end.

In order to pass, pupils had to demonstrate that they understood the law in relation to the use of physical force for personal defence of self and others. They also needed to demonstrate the appropriate and effective physical skills for the purpose of breaking away and defending against a violent assault.

For more information on the course please click here: BTEC L2 Self-Defence & Breakaway techniques

Eira Culverwell, managing director at RESOLVE it said: “We had a great day at Kings Monkton School, with all participants completing the BTEC level two qualification."

“Today's world is dangerous enough and people are often unaware of the potential dangers that surround them on a daily basis, from travelling to and from work or school, through to underestimating how body language can make individuals become ideal targets for attacks."

“The principles of keeping safe, avoiding danger and being able to react positively in the face of danger, are lessons that can be learned through our workshops. We’re already having a real impact on young and vulnerable people in Wales and I’m looking forward to seeing more school pupils learn the skills and gain the qualification in the future.”

RESOLVEit was established in 2014 to deliver personal safety workshops in educational establishments, charities, businesses and not-for-profit organisations empowering individuals to stay safe.

Further information on RESOLVEit and the opportunities they have for working with schools and their pupils can be found at www.resolveitcic.co.uk 

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