Summer Safety Tips for your child and teen!

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Now that summer has finally arrived your child and teen have much more free time, which can lead to risk-taking behaviour.

Teens and summertime – has there ever been a more perfect union?

Many parents can clearly remember those enchanted, languid days bereft of responsibility and subsequent long nights made indelible in our minds by fireflies, fireworks, and subtle promise. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Unfortunately, this is also true when considering the threats and dangers posed to our children on a daily basis. Summer can create precious memories that your child will carry throughout their adult lives. But to do that, reaching adulthood is an essential step.

Make sure your teen is equipped with the tools to keep him or her protected. Here are five summer safety tips for teenagers to help you get started.

Children and teens shouldn't talk to strangers

It is extremely important to remind your children and teenagers to never talk to anyone they do not know. Explain to your child or teen that if they see someone suspicious they should immediately either run away if they are alone or go somewhere where there are other people.

Vehicles can be extremely enticing to a child or teen. Remind them to never go into a vehicle with a stranger. If someone tries to force them into a car tell your child they should run away to a public place for help or start screaming loudly. Bring as much attention to themselves as possible.

Water Safety

Whether it is a beach, pool, lake or river all children should be aware of water safety. Children or teens that don't know how to swim should stay in the shallow end of the water. Children and teens should also always swim at places that have life guards. In the event that something was to happen they would have someone there to help them.

When it comes to pool safety small children should always be accompanied by adults; never walk away assuming that a child is safe. It only takes an inch or two of water and time unattended for a tragedy to happen.

For parents who own pools in their homes they should be aware that children can get into trouble when they aren't looking. Make sure that when the pool isn't being used there is a cover over it or a gate that children can't get into with an adult.

Monitor your child's or teen's Internet use

During the summer time children and youths have more free time to use the Internet and computer. The Internet provides access to games, educational resources, social networking and it also can be dangerous. This points directly to tip number one that children and youths should never talk to strangers.

When youth are on the Internet they may go on chat websites where they have no idea who they are talking to. Some things that you can do to make sure your child or teen is safe is to block certain websites on your computer or get child monitoring software.

Safety in numbers

Your children and teens probably will want to go to summer camp, vacation trips with friends or teams and other outings. Tell your child or teen to always stay with a group when they are out. This includes when walking to a friend's house, the pool or even home.

Relying on a cellular telephone to make a child feel safer by talking to them as they walk only serves to divert their attention from their surroundings. Walk with your child, ride a bicycle, walk the dog or better yet drive them to their destination.

Educate your child or teen about drug and alcohol use

Children and teens are under constant pressure to experiment with drugs and alcohol. Teens who are talked to about drug and alcohol use by their parents are at a much lesser risk of drug and alcohol use than those parents who don't. Summer time gives children and teens more time to associate with friends that may offer those drugs or alcohol.

You can also encourage your children to talk to you about these kinds of issues so they know they don't have to hide them.

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Stay safe


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