The Digital Competence Framework

The Digital Competence Framework focuses on developing digital skills alongside literacy and numeracy.

The framework has 4 strands with multiple elements.

The 4 strands are:

  • Citizenship

  • Interacting and collaborating

  • Producing

  • Data and computational thinking

The Citizenship strand includes the following elements:

  • Identity, image and reputation

  • Health and well being

  • Digital rights, licensing and ownership

  • Online behaviour and cyber bullying.

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Why are we posting about this you wonder?

We at RESOLVEit have developed an online learning platform TUBORIAL, containing many of our courses including our Children's Defender and Superhero Academy courses.

Both courses look at:

  • Health and well being

  • Identity

  • Online safety 

  • Bullying

  • Personal safety

  • Self-defence 

  • Literacy (a new word and topic each week)

All in an interactive fun manor with opportunities for games and sessions to be delivered across curriculum subjects including PE and PHSE.

For more information on how to have this in your school email

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