Thursday 17th February is Random Acts of Kindness Day!

Updated: Feb 18

A little bit of kindness can go a long way and you never know how much of positive difference it can make to someone.

Here are 20 ways for you to show kindness today and everyday!

20 Random Acts of Kindness

  1. Give an unexpected compliment

  2. Help someone with a task or errand

  3. Comfort someone in their time of need

  4. Give someone a hug

  5. Smile at someone

  6. Say good morning or greet someone

  7. Help someone carry their groceries

  8. Volunteer for charity

  9. Care for the environment

  10. Give a small gift to someone to cheer them up

  11. Write a thank you note or text message to someone who has done something for you.

  12. Give someone helpful advice freely

  13. Be friendly to your co-workers or fellow students

  14. Donate your old things to a charity shop

  15. Keep true to your promises to others.

  16. Pick up litter that you see in parks, streets and rivers

  17. Recycle and use reusable water bottles and cutlery

  18. Forgive someone who has wronged you or make an effort to resolve a conflict you have had

  19. Be inclusive of others

  20. Call a family member, elderly person, partner or friend just to say you are thinking of them.

Kindness is an important life skill that children need to be taught in order to grow up into caring adults.

Our Superhero Academy school resources and workshops are designed to teach this and much much more to your children. If you are looking for PS1-3 resources in Wales, look no further check out our Superhero Academy under the Welsh Curriculum Resources tab to register your interest today. For the rest of the UK check out Superhero Academy’ workshops under the Online Workshops tab. Be Kind

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