University of South Wales students working with RESOLVEit

Hello! We are a student group from the University of South Wales who have been tasked to create a promotional video for RESOLVEit. Upon initially being briefed for this task and meeting with George, we knew right away that we wanted to work with them and are looking forward to this journey and creating something that the RESOLVEit staff members and customers like.

Statements from individual crew members:

Jordan Koscielny (Producer): Being a Producer for this project has been an enjoyable experience so far. It is my duty to ensure that everything goes smoothly on both sides and making sure that the final product is something that people will remember. I can’t wait to finally start shooting and I have no doubt in my mind that we will make something great.

Corey James (Director): Working with RESOLVEit has been a pleasure thus far. We are really looking forward to the shooting day to both finally meet in person, (Socially distanced of course), and to make a great promotional video!

James Doherty (Cinematographer): As a cinematographer I am always looking for new and creative ways to bring pieces of film to life, working with RESOLVEit has allowed me to work on and develop these skills. I am looking forward to shooting this project, not only to ensure the client’s needs are met, but to add to a portfolio of great work. RESOLVEit have been a great client so far and will happily work with them again in the future if given the opportunity.

Cellan Thomas (Editor): I’m excited to work with RESOLVEit and help create a good promotional video through using my video editing skills. It is my duty to ensure that all the footage the team collects becomes an actual marketable video. I can’t wait to have the footage to finally get to work.

Ynyr Elward-Jones (Sound): Hello, I’m Ynyr the sound recordist on set for RESOLVEit. I have the thrill of working with a group of hardworking film enthusiasts. I’m currently studying (BA) Film at the University of South Wales in my second year. I look forward to helping create this eye-catching product and look forward to seeing the finished result.

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