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What is a RESOLVEit Safety Establishment?

Our Initiative aims to promote our key message, that “Everyone has the right to feel safe” through our unique Train a Trainer Training.  You will be at the forefront of instilling this message, promoting self-esteem and enhancing others knowledge and understanding about personal safety and self-defence - help us to pass the baton on and to leave the world as safer place to live in.

What we offer

We offer all establishments the opportunity to gain lifetime access and training to RESOLVEit’s personal safety workshops, designed specifically to help keep people safe.

Every Safety establishment that takes part will receive:

  • Online Train a Trainer training for all staff/students - (teaching you how to run RESOLVEit workshops)

  • Lifetime access to all the RESOLVEit workshops and resources – An annual online refresher must be completed

  • RESOLVEit Safety School status, this includes a listing on the RESOLVEit website

  • Access to RESOLVEit online resources, training and support from the RESOLVEit team

  • Your certified Train a Trainer Trainers will be granted a non-exclusive license to utilise the RESOLVEit #weareasafetyestablishment name and logo. You will also receive a safety pack for display.

  • Your achievement will be announced on the official RESOLVEit social media pages, via a post customised with a photo, which you can share and use.

  • 12 months access to the’ TRAIN A TRAINER’ workshop on Thinkifc, complete with the essential resources and video tutorials.

This initiative aims to inspire, guide, support and recognise the
achievements of a school or educational
establishment that positively promote
personal safety awareness.

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Whether you're a teacher, student or working towards NQT status, the RESOLVEit Train a Trainer will expand your own personal knowledge, CPD as well as
adding to your own cv - why not stand out from the crowd?

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Do your staff lone work?

Are they client facing?

Do you have safeguarding
procedures in place around
personal safety?

Do they face situations where they
could benefit from personal safety
and self-defence training?

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WHO HAS Become a WE ARE A SAFETY Establishment?

Train a Trainer workshops will take place on Zoom.


Zoom is a free video-conferencing application. It allows you to join any video-conferences without installing any applications, from your internet browser (Firefox, Yahoo, Chrome, Edge, etc).


However, for a more comfortable experience, we recommend that you install their client prior to your training.


For more information on RESOLVEit’s zoom policy click here.

For further information about our workshops, email us at training@resolveitcic.co.uk