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RESOLVEit are proud to be collaborating with the

WJEC on The Welsh Baccalaureate! 

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What is the Welsh Baccalaureate?

The Welsh Baccalaureate helps prepare students between the ages of 14 and 19 for employability, further study and life.  


A student is awarded the Welsh Bacc. by achieving a specified combination of qualifications.  At the heart of the Welsh Bacc. is the Skills Challenge Certificate - an innovative skills-based qualification.  

Where DOES RESOLVEit fit in?

RESOLVEit offer three out of the four Skills Challenge Certificate project briefs, at KS4 Foundation/National level.


  • Individual Project

  • Enterprise and Employability Challenge

  • Community Challenge

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Individual Project Outline

RESOLVEit, alongside many other organisations worldwide, believe that

self-defence should be taught as part

of national curriculums.


Students will need to research RESOLVEit, the topics around personal safety and self-defence and then choose their own Individual Project title.

Enterprise and Employability Challenge Outline

Students will develop an idea for a personal safety device or product.


It is up to students to select which target group they want to aim their product or service at.

Community Challenge Outline

As part of this Challenge, students will become a RESOLVEit Safety Hero!

They will be trained online to deliver our key messages linked with staying safe - awareness, avoidance, dialogue and action.


As an individual or a member of a team (3-6 members) students must spend 10 hours running coaching sessions in their school or local community.

INTERESTED? - follow these 3 steps:



Click below for the full breakdown on the challenge briefs.



•Choose your challenge.

•Sign your class up by clicking the link below (we recommend teachers signing up using a generic school email account).

•Complete the e-induction with your class to gain access to the resources.



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For more information on the skill certificate, head over to the WJEC website.

For more information about our workshops, email us at training@resolveitcic.co.uk