These workshops range from introductory rundowns of RESOLVEit’s core tenets and basic personal safety, to heavily involved lessons on self-defence designed to give children and young adults the tools they need to stay safe and feel secure.

 We also create bespoke workshops for various institutions so please get in touch if you

think this would work for your organisation.

All of our workshops offer a certificate upon completion. 


Focused on delivering life skills and self-defence techniques to younger generations, the Superhero Academy offers multiple packages that can be delivered to schools and clubs.

The Superhero Academy allows teachers to deliver a series of engaging lessons structured around key PSHE subjects, from the basic tenets of Respect and Understanding to specific self-defence techniques and their applications.


These courses include interactive workbooks, self-defence videos and downloadable lesson plans, structured in a format designed to be both engaging and inspiring to young people.


The Children’s Defender workshop is a step-by-step programme on personal safety and self-defence with a mind toward children.

Focused on improving the lives of children through practical knowledge, physical health and life skills that boost self-esteem, this online workshop includes 4 distinct lessons designed to address all aspects of personal safety, each one designed to help parents and teachers build an environment in which children feel safer and more confident.


Incorporating games, quizzes, and a comprehensive guide to eight basic self-defence techniques, the Children’s Defender workshop is about introducing very young children to personal safety and giving them a sense of wellbeing and self-confidence that they can take forward with them into every part of their lives.



An introductory personal safety workshop for ages 11 and above, the Safety In Your Hands workshop offers three distinct lessons, as well as a series of downloadable tips and self-defence guides that equip learners with key personal safety skills.


In addition to building up confidence and delivering technical lessons on specific self-defence techniques, the workshop covers RESOLVEit’s four primary principles of Awareness, Avoidance, Dialogue, and Action, giving young people the know-how to manoeuvre themselves through difficult situations in the safest way possible.


This includes practical guides to improving personal decision-making, de-escalating conflicts, respecting personal space and building a better sense of self-awareness that will come in useful in virtually any setting.


Our BIG Night Out workshop aims to give students a working understanding of personal safety during a typical night out, tackling issues such as substance abuse, heavy drinking and sexting.

Offering lifetime access through our online portal, the BIG Night Out is divided into three lessons on key personal safety issues, a downloadable self-defence guide, lesson plan tools designed in line with the objectives of the workshop and a series of quizzes.


In addition to providing resources on emotional awareness, the law in regard to alcohol and drugs and personal safety strategies, the workshop is also designed to help instruct  young people on how to defuse hostile situations. 


This workshop will give young people a working knowledge of basic self-defence techniques and an understanding of when and why they are appropriate.

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Individual Empowerment – An instructional workshop in personal safety & self-defence (age 15+)

What am I going to get from this course?

  • 21 lessons broken into 4 bite-size sections giving you over 30min of content!

  • A deeper understanding of four critical skills


RESOLVEit has teamed up with The Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) Awards to become an Approved Activity Provider for the volunteering section of the Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards.

Young people are facing unprecedented challenges, making the DofE more relevant and important than ever. It helps them emotionally and physically. 

As the world’s leading youth achievement award, the DofE equips young people aged 14 to 25 with the skills, experience and confidence to successfully navigate adult life.

The DofE builds the character and attitude that research shows businesses prioritise over academic results. No other programme offers the same range of experiences and opportunities.


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Our current life-skill packages respond directly to the Welsh Education agenda and meet the needs of learners aged 14+ in Wales, whilst addressing address the Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural (SMSC) development of learners.


Our Life Skills programmes have been written in line with the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) that follow the national credit transfer system for education qualification in England, Northern Ireland and Wales.


Intermediate Award in Breakaway and Self-Defence

The BTEC Level 2 Intermediate Award in Breakaway and Self-Defence is for anyone who may be exposed to the risk of physical violence.

Learners will learn the legal framework and physical skills necessary to enable them to provide an effective defence against a physical assault. This is a nationally recognised vocational qualification.


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