The Little Book of Zen




Welcome to RESOLVEit’s resource hub. Here you will find a selection of our resources suitable for age 4+ covering a range of personal safety and life skills topics that are completely free.
Whether you’re a school looking for some new PSHE activities or a parent looking for some
enriching activities for your children to enjoy at home, look no further.

From colouring in our safety superheroes, learning how to draw a human face to completing our Covid-19 journaling work; our resources will provide children vital life skills education while having fun at the same time.

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Welcome to RESOLVEit’s book on zen and mindfulness.

Whether you’re a parent, teacher or teen reading this, we hope you enjoy our collection of mindfulness tips and exercises you can do to quiet the mind and find your chill.

The Little Book of Zen
Mindful Journal



Our mindful journal is filled with activities for your children to do while they are at home and hopefully it will help them feel calm and relaxed during the lockdown.

This is one of our favourite isolation activities for families and children to do and help banish the lockdown boredom.

Most children won’t understand the magnitude of what they are experiencing right now, so suggesting they remember it through journaling might help in the days to come.

These are historic days we are living through and we should definitely record the time for posterity. This workbook encourages children to write down what they are thinking and should help prevent them from bottling feelings up inside.


The Safety Activity Book covers lots of useful topics including ways to protect yourself both online and offline, how to stay safe both in and out of your home and whilst using public transport.

It also looks at what bullying is and how to protect your personal space.

We’ve included some fun colouring opportunities, word searches and dot to dot.


Keep learning fun!

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Superhero Art Studio


Our creative designer has provided a basic walkthrough on how to draw the human face and body, including tips on drawing 3D shapes and the use of lighting.

Drawing has been proven to help improve creativity, problem-solving skills, memory capacity and communication skills. It has also been proven to relieve stress, release hidden emotions and help people to become more observant of fine details.

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We’ve provided a selection of our superhero designs as colouring sheets for you and your family to colour. Colouring has been proven to help reduce stress and anxiety as well as improve our motor skills, vision, sleep and focus.

So, take a break from technology today, print off your copy and start colouring!

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Superhero Colouring Sheets
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